Here in this small corner of the vast internet stands a very short black girl. A girl with hair that spins like the planets, and a mouth that might cut you if your not being careful. A pizza loving emotional rollercoaster with a yearning for spiritual unity with nature. Here is a care free black girl who does not wish to put a band aid on your bruised ego.

Peace be with you.

© Petra Collins, from the collection “The female gaze”

hood by air f/w 2013

cykeem white.

Jonathan Rieke
m-canyounot: "YOURE ALWAYS CUTE I MISS YOU AND YOUR CUTE FACE. You better post this so everyone knows how cute your face is."

It takes a cutie to know a cutie

Can we hang out soon? 

I look really cute today but I’m to lazy to take a picture. Just trust me okay.


self portrait, los angeles
jan 2014

I’ll be selling prints, cards and a *new* Fancy zine at the Crafty Fox Market in Bussey Building, Peckham this Sunday 13th April. I’ll also have reprinted copies of Fancy 1! Details can be found here