Here in this small corner of the vast internet stands a very short black girl. A girl with hair that spins like the planets, and a mouth that might cut you if your not being careful. A pizza loving emotional rollercoaster with a yearning for spiritual unity with nature. Here is a care free black girl who does not wish to put a band aid on your bruised ego.

Peace be with you.

I’m watching man vs. food


I respect bees more than I respect white men in positions of power

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Afro Punk 2014.


let’s not act like there wasn’t black ppl doing cultural appropriation at afro punk too. like as many pics as i seen of black girls wearing a nath or bindis or both with the tikka. like…

like we’ve been saying solidarity isn’t a one way street but let’s hold each other…

If anyone is interested in piercing my septum for me I will pay you.


Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell